Yoga Regular Classes

Yoga Yoga Regular

  • Duration :
    1.5 hours
  • Training Days
    Tuesday, Saturday
  • Time
    6.30 am to 8.00 am
  • Training Schedule :

    Breathing Excersise, Warmup/ loosening excercise, Sukshma Vyayamas
    Soorya Namaskara, Basic Asanas, Relaxation Techniques
    Pranayama preparator practices - Nadi Sudhi, Kapalabhati, Basthrika, Cooling pranayamas, Brahmari etc
    Chanting and meditation


  • Course Fee:
  • Post training follow-up classes :
  • Certification :
    Yoga Basic Knowledge Certificate

Our Trainers

George Alexandar

[Yogacharyan, Tai Chi Trainier, 2nd Dan Karate]

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Dominic Ralph

[MSc Yoga, Reiki 3rd Degree, 1st Dan Karate]

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Beena Menon

[MSc Yoga, PGDC- Councelling]

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Indu George

[MA Psychology, PGDC - Councelling]

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Tue, Sat : 6.30 am to 8.00 am

Yoga Branch
Raja Yoga
Yoga System
Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinnyasa Yoga
Study Mode

Yoga Philosophy , Warmup/ loosening excercise, Sukshma Vyayamas, Breathing Excercise, Basic Asanas, Pranayama preparatory practice , light mediatation, Kriyas

  • Lessons from qualified and experience hands
  • Modules designed for all age groups and fitness level
  • Individula Attention given to participants
  • Theorectical explanation for every practices
  • Female & Male instructors for personal guidence
  • Follow-up classes
  • Full support provided throughout each module
Why Regular Practice

Yoga is individual; everyone has his or her own pace and timing for doing breathing, performing and sustaining in asanas, intensity and subtleness in pranayama practices, the length and amplitude of chanting ect. Hence it is advisable to practice yoga along in a quiet and peaceful place. You may wonder why we do regular yoga practicing classes? Yes, there is a reason. People are different in character. This group practice is intended for lazy people who want a constant push and assistance. Otherwise if you are strong willed person, taking Yoga seriously, the group practice is a total waste for your time and effort.

Who Should Attend?

Yoga is multi-dimensional. Those who want to keep his or her body and mind healthy, Yoga is the best option; for all life style deceases Yoga is the answer as a holistic treatment. It is also the salvation path for those who seeks spiritual wisdom.

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