Vision & Mission


Our mission is to encompass different martial arts under single roof and to harmonize and synthesize different ways and culture for the single object. Fitness for all is our prime goal and we are committed to facilitate all kind of training and support for the aspirants to learn and practice what he or she chooses. Our institution’s name, ‘Zanshin’ is a Japanese term indicates the alertness and awareness, that is an integral part of every martial arts. By the regular practice ‘Zanshin’ becomes a part of our life, even a tiny action reflects its radiance and gives the life a different dimension.


Our vision is to nurture a better society with healthy people. Every martial arts are the art of discipline and endurance and character building as well, and those who undergo through it invariably become a better person physically, mentally and morally. Though in the peripheral appearance martial arts are physical oriented, in deeper layers it would become a mental or spiritual art. What our vision is to empower all walks of people and foster a healthy and better society.